Queer Holiday Survival Guide

📅 Thursday, November 16th @ 12PM CT 

Being Queer during the holidays can be very tough. Meeting families, company holiday parties, maybe explaining family estrangements all swirl to create the perfect storm for Queer folks.

The holidays are complex. What many called Thanksgiving is a day of mourning for many Native and Indigenous people. Christmas is full of challenges for people who hold faith traditions outside of Christianity or have mixed feelings about Christianity. New Years is full of fatphobic rhetoric for getting thin, hitting the gym and making those gains. Wrap it all up in a bunch of in-person events and it can easily become an overwhelming sprint from November to January. 

No matter where you turn the holidays aren’t always jolly. But, how can we get through these challenges together? How can we create an inclusive holiday spirit for everyone around us?

This meetup will be a space to talk about how we can show up during the holidays in an inclusive way with our families and colleagues. 

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