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Maturing cultural fluency leads you to so many different places intellectually, emotionally, and culturally. Mossier journeys commence with an assessment—we call it the 4W—to ground us in a clear understanding of what things look like ’round your office these days. We move 2,000 or so people with 30+ organizations through these growth areas to make sure not only the baseline compliance measures are in place, but people have a deep understanding of the reasons why these topics are important to everyone LGBTQ.

Our growth areas are a starting point for our individual and collective learning journeys. Each of the learning modules are designed with DEI practitioners in mind while also offering all-staff engagement opportunities.

Culture of Inclusion

For too long, the default setting at work has structured shareholders over staff. A culture of LGBTQ inclusion means flipping the narrative and putting marginalized people at the forefront. In this module, we deconstruct Queerness and all the identities that intersect with it—meaning that we approach policy, training, and accountability in different ways.

Employee Resource Groups

ERGs are the heart and soul of culture at work, providing space for career development, deconstructing work challenges, and much more. “Bring your whole self to work” springs into action with a healthy LGBTQ ERG, and this module shows you tactics and strategies to produce pride in all of your ERGs.

General DEI

Working with Mossier collaborators, we integrate industry-proven and standardized tools such as the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) to understand mindset and skillset across a continuum of cross-cultural competence. The other growth areas branch from foundational knowledge that is captured through this module.


When it comes to new talent, future hires see policies as merely the starting point and they expect diversity as the cultural norm. Abundant inclusion begins with the recruitment process, and this module brings Queer equity to every step of your candidate experience, putting goals in place for ongoing measurement.

Self ID

Understanding the LGBTQ status of your staff is the cornerstone for understanding the efficacy of your efforts. How can you tell if you have inclusivity at your core when you’re missing some pretty basic data? This module focuses on legal, safe, and culturally appropriate ways to implement an ethical Self ID program.

Trans & Non-binary Inclusion

We’ve come a long way in accelerating the visibility and acceptance of Trans people at work, and the next leg of our journey kicks out any residual obsolete policies to place Trans and Non-binary norms in the driving seat. This module focuses on how your culture of inclusivity should be deconstructing binaries.

Active learning

We swoon over the philosophy of guided discovery, which intentionally blurs the binary of yes and no. We create an objective and invite members to explore, using exercises that enable knowledge gathering. Through this process, we examine topics and challenge paradigms with collaboration, all helping you develop your own point of view. 

Reflective learning practices work well with topics that may be conceptual or ambiguous. As you travel through the content, you’re recognizing the complexity of topics by finding meaning related to yourself, such as social context and lived experiences. You develop your cultural competency through a series of activities that aren’t intended to have a start or finish—there’s no part of this work where you’re like, “I’ve learned everything possible!” 

We assume there aren’t right/wrong answers, and your answers may not look like your neighbors. It’s like this: The answer isn’t purple, and instead, one of the thousands of shades of purple. 


When we need to accelerate growth in a certain area a Mossier facilitator can help you hone your DEI mojo. We listen to understand what’s up at your org, ideate about your dreams, and collaborate on a roadmap to make it gel.

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