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Mossier members are committed to Queer workspaces, developing culture at work that transcends checking DEI boxes. Thing is, we’re all putting in the collective work so you can be way more than safe at work; we want you to be unabashedly yourself, on your terms! This manifests with Queer talent contributing to the success of our member orgs. It’s the revolution!

Let’s go beyond fantasy and tap the right now. The trophy that awaits is the job you dreamt of or the job that gets you to where you want to be. Whatever the case, we’re holding employers accountable, and we’re lifting you up in order to take what’s yours.

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Hundreds of ways to find what’s right and what’s right now. And all with Queer-inclusive employers.

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1:1 meetups connect via the magic of the internet on topics from mock interviews, AMA’s, or resume reviews.

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Blogs and forums full of ideas for a bevy of job-related topics, or post your resume for review.

The latest: Queer hiring events

In our tough labor market, connections are really important. We’ve worked with our member orgs to develop focused 1:1 meetups for networking, resume help, and time to find out the backstory on how they’re making their workspaces Queer-inclusive. Register for free and make some new connections.

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Negative day-to-day dynamics are the nemesis of healthy work culture. Micro-aggressions erode staff of their patience, and in the worst cases, their sense of self. The little things add up, and Queer people quit.

Real talk here, folks. It’s not like members have finally eradicated racism and discrimination fully at their workspace (they haven’t), and it’s likely that there will be more room to grow (there will). But knowing where the orgs are in their journey is a big bonus to job seekers. Transparency, it’s a big deal.

Mossier Meetups

Investigating topics, learning new things, meeting new peeps. A lot of magical moments happen at a Mossier Meetup. Anything from ongoing programming, networking events, small group and cohort learning, online streaming, and even networking events. All 100% free for job seekers. We got you.

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We send the most awesome and least spammy emails that will ever crash your inbox. Helpful tips on language that rocks your anti-racist self, Queer news, and reminders on upcoming meetups.

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Changing the world can be lonely work. We need you, you need us. Let’s work together!

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