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Call for facilitators

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From February: Being anti-racist

Race. Gender. Healthcare. Politics. White supremacy. Identity. We bring each of these with us when we go to work every day, and many organizations haven’t gone past defining equity. Queer workspaces should address the intersections of orientation and gender while actively destroying all racist mechanisms and systems.

From June: Gender WTF!

Mossier’s April meetup takes you beyond the boxes of gender, boxes that stem from the colonial, white supremacist foundation our country was built on. We’ll talk about changes you can make (literally today) to antiquated policies and procedures and define individual and collective responsibilities to build gender-expansive workplaces. Yes, gender equity is 100% possible, and yes, you are part of the fight to ensure Transgender and Nonbinary siblings are safe, affirmed, and celebrated at work.

From August: Has DEI gone normcore?

Think about it. DEI leader’s turnover is something like 18 months, and Queer people (especially Queer POC) are way more likely to have experienced discrimination related to gender, sexuality, or identity. We celebrate Pride flags and statements about racial justice, but there’s so much more to do in order to realize what inclusivity means to our culture — and most importantly — what’s our role in making it happen.