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We celebrate the ways that people learn, taking into account how individual goals take us to different places. Earning cred means that you have worked hard to get where you are and will continue to build your capacities as you stay on your path forward, mentor others, and activate your advocacy.

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While binary pass and fail are blasé, goals help start a conversation. Cred keeps you going.

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People’s desired outcomes vary. Earning cred compliments your goals.

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Not all cred is created equal. Some are harder than others, and all require commitment.

The engine that would

Queer Cred is fueled by individual and collective goals. As you earn it, you’ll develop your cultural competency through a series of activities that aren’t intended to have a start or finish—there’s no part of this work where you’re like, “I’ve learned everything possible!” 

We use reflective learning practices, which work well when developing skills around topics that may be conceptual or even ambiguous, and are helpful when developing a new perspective. As you travel through the content, you’re recognizing the complexity of topics by finding meaning related to yourself, such as social context and lived experiences. Workbooks organize discussions, small group guides, or written (like journals) and keep you keeping pace. Integrated with industry-proven and standardized tools such as the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), your cred shows your non-linear development for more meaningful and positive engagement with those with different cultural backgrounds, gender, race, sexuality, identity, and values. 

What We’re Workin’ With

What We’re Workin’ With (aka the 4W) is the foundation of the member experience and a big part of how members get their cred. Organizations complete a digital assessment that collects information around LGBTQ-inclusive policies, which sets a baseline of understanding. The info we gather creates collective understanding of all Mossier members, guiding us to have learning cohorts and experiences that reinforce individual and cooperative learning.

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Investigating topics, learning new things, meeting new peeps. A lot of magical moments happen at a Mossier Meetup. Anything from ongoing programming, networking events, small group and cohort learning, online streaming, and even job events. It’s how you reinforce how you’re growing (and earning cred along the way).

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Changing the world can be lonely work. We need you, you need us. Let’s work together!

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Our blog is jam packed with helpful info about language, LGBTQ news, and ways to stay engaged.