What is Mossier?

A safe home, a supportive network of friends and family, and a stable job are the most important aspects of a good life. Mossier focuses on jobs, working with Queer leaders and allies across all rungs of the ladder to make workspaces work for everyone.

Our consulting services encompass guiding organizations in establishing robust employee resource groups, formulating LGBTQ recruitment strategies, implementing self-identification and DEI analytics initiatives, and developing fair policies, benefits, and HR processes. We also offer a comprehensive range of training programs designed to cultivate a culture of LGBTQ inclusion and equip leaders with inclusive leadership skills.

Furthermore, we forge recruiting partnerships aimed at diversifying your talent pool while facilitating networking opportunities for prospective employees.

We provide invaluable support to LGBTQ individuals through career coaching and job placement services. Our career coaching covers a wide spectrum, from refining resumes and interview preparation to facilitating networking and job market research, as well as engaging in career exploration conversations.

Our Mission

Enabling employment equity for everyone LGBTQ.

Our Values

We are nonbinary, versatile, interdependent, and practical.

When DEI is nonbinary it means we recognize that answers to longstanding inequities are not black and white, top or down, us vs. them. .

When DEI is versatile we can pivot and adapt to achieve short term wins while keeping the longer-term vision of equity for all in view

When DEI is interdependent it’s mutually beneficial exchange between those with power and those without. DEI becomes a part of the ecosystem.

When DEI is practical. It’s felt. It’s seen. It’s heard. Because the initiatives go beyond box-checking.

Our History

Who was Kevin Mossier?

Kevin Mossier was a successful entrepreneur, founding an openly LGBTQ travel business in 1985. Based on his own personal experience of facing discrimination while on vacation with his boyfriend, safety for gay travelers became an important issue for Kevin. Through this business, he provided a safe travel experience for thousands of LGBTQ people, friends, and their families.

After Kevin’s much-too-early death in 1996, the Kevin J. Mossier Foundation was formed to follow his lead of inclusivity. This foundation was the first funder of marriage equality in Minnesota, and their last grant went to form Mossier.

Our north star is honoring Kevin in everything we do.

Meet our team

Mossier is a team of experienced LGBTQ inclusion consultants and champions. We believe an LGBTQ inclusive culture benefits ALL employees (yep, even straight white men). Because our community includes every other community, our intersectional approach is key.

Nick Alm (They/Them): CEO & Founder, public speaker, and Nonbinary inclusion expert.

Micheala Sharp (She/They): Marketing MC, chronically online and very detail oriented.

Krista Matla (She/Her): Executive Assistant, skilled and keeping things moving for everyone.

Tjwana Dixon (She/Her): Queer Career Coach, connecting your company with your next Queer hire.

Consultants & Contributors

Zaylore Stout (He/Him): Employment law attorney & HR expert, SPHR®, SHRM-SCP

Liz Loeb (She/Her): Organizational leadership & development, civil rights attorney, NYU Law, Qualified IDI Administrator

Sam Blackwell (He/They): DEI strategist, ERG, Trans and Nonbinary Inclusion, and Policy expert

Muqka Poole (He/They): DEI Program Manager, intersectionality, inclusive leadership expert

Alicia Boykins (She/Her): 20-years of HR management, cruelty Human Resources Director for the National LGBTQ Task Force

Michael Garrett (He/Him): Inclusive Benefits and health equity expert formerly at Mercer

Alex Lahmeyer (They/He): Neurodivergent DEI consultant specializing in equitable People practices

Cecilia Stanton Adams (She/Her): Former Chief Diversity Officer at Allianz Life, Employee Resource Groups and DEI Council expert

Drew Ahl (He/Him): Consultant with 15 years of self-identification and DEI analytics work at Target and Medtronic