Putting in the work to do the work

A safe home, a supportive network of friends and family, and a stable job are the most important aspects of a good life. Mossier focuses on jobs, working with Queer leaders and allies across all rungs of the ladder to make workspaces work for everyone. 

DEI is merely the beginning; Next-gen thinking means we value ideation while implementing, celebrating identities and culture, and being unabashedly ourselves at work. Read on to learn more about who we are and where we came from.

The Queer agenda

We’re here to tell you that businesses need to embrace their customers, employees, environment, and shareholders equally. And it’s time for organizations to celebrate this way to do business. Every day in every way, we challenge the status quo with a Queer agenda that values stakeholders over shareholders, knowing that all boats rise when we operate this way.

Practical and tactical

Strategies that lack practicality are for the birds. That’s the final filter we apply before introducing anything new to our members. Meaning, if it’s practical, you can do it. And if we think critically around tactics that inspire (and at times even demand) culture change, it’s much easier to hand it over for you to connect it to your way of working.

Mossier’s global impact

The most sustainable pathway for Queer people’s human rights is to utilize business as the foundation for stability. A portion of our revenue supports LGBTQ business owners to have the capacity to create and sustain their own business. Our business accelerator grants bring together good ideas with local communities, helping LGBTQ people lift themselves out of poverty.


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Our decisions are based on equity so we meet people where they are at.

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Curiosity to listen, learn, and adapt to all types of people and workspaces.

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We rethink ways to take on long-standing challenges in an evolving world.

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We are generous with our time, with our knowledge, and with our privilege.

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We call people in with open hearts and minds.

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We understand and accept that there aren’t always clear answers.

What’s in a name

Kevin Mossier was a successful entrepreneur, founding an openly LGBTQ travel business in 1985. Based on his own personal experience of facing discrimination while on vacation with his boyfriend, safety for gay travelers became an important issue for Kevin. Through this business, he provided a safe travel experience for thousands of LGBTQ people, friends, and their families.

After Kevin’s much-too-early death in 1996, the Kevin J. Mossier Foundation was formed to follow his lead of inclusivity. This foundation was the first funder of marriage equality in Minnesota, and their last grant went to form Mossier.

Our north star is honoring Kevin in everything we do.

Squad goals

Mossier operates with a community-led way of working. We bring together people with diverse backgrounds and lived experiences that spark ideation on how to tackle problems in the workplace for everyone LGBTQ. Meet a few of our passionate AF collaborators below, and let us know if you have an idea to share with us.

Nick Alm

They/Them | Godx of the House of Mossier

Nick is unstoppably energized by getting all organizations to embrace everyone LGBTQ, including the intersections of race, gender, orientation, and ability. They are all for calling orgs to the table to claim accountability and reconstruct new ways of working.


Camille Cyprian

She/They | Contributor

Camille’s ability to foster positive impact through healing justice and equity is incredible. They lend us their skills and expertise to promote a daily practice of social equity in a way that is healing for individuals, communities, and institutions.

Cecilia Stanton Adams

She/Her | Contributor

Cecilia is a visionary. With 15 years of experience in diversity positions, she’s contributed to developing programs and services that increase representation of diverse ideas, people, and ways of working.


Malissa Stanton Adams

She/Her | Contributor

Malissa believes we have the power to change ourselves, our families, our communities, our work, and our macro-environment. But first, we must change our hearts and minds. We guarantee that if you spend a little time with Malissa, you will see the world around you differently.


Rox Anderson

She/Her | Contributor

The real question here is what doesn’t Rox do? Facilitator, community organizer, passionate social justice leader and advocate, entrepreneur, Transgender educator, policy-maker…we could go on for days.