Level up your organization’s DEI program

Our trainings are where we put the “work” in “do the work.” Educational content is blended with discussion questions and an opportunity for your teams to begin exploring how to make LGBTQ equity a lived reality. So come off mute and join the conversation!

Looking for LGBTQ DEI Training?

For organizations that are ready to move beyond statements and silos, the Mossier team stands ready to support your growth.

Looking to support allies in the workplace? Our training programs cater to allies at every level, providing vital support for Queer employees through sessions on pronoun usage, deconstructing gendered workplace dynamics, and dispelling common anti-LGBTQ+ misconceptions.

Interested in fostering inclusive leadership? Dive into our comprehensive training modules focused on guiding diverse teams, effective conflict management, and establishing strong leadership foundations.

Seeking ways to bolster LGBTQ+ inclusivity in your workplace? Explore our array of training sessions designed to empower allies, evaluate partnerships for inclusivity, and foster positive interactions with LGBTQ+ employees.

Eager to enhance LGBTQ+ hiring and retention? Discover our expertise through specialized training in recruitment outreach and marketing strategies, goal-setting techniques, and other recruitment-related strategies.

🔥 Practical and Tactical

Our workshops are full of practical and tactical tools that can be used to start building momentum today.

🤝 Capacity is key

We make sure our workshops create connections with your team’s broader objectives and goals.

📅 Customizable

We’ll recommend content but we are always down to tailor things to your organization’s unique culture and opportunities.

🔗 Call-In Vibes

All learning levels are celebrated at Mossier Workshops. Our ability to collaborate together on these topics is how we create change.

Folks, this work is not easy.

I don’t believe there is a destination we are trying to reach. There is no point where we say “we did it!” and pack it all up. This work is for life and the tools and capacities we develop together will serve not only your LGBTQ employees but all aspects of your organization.
~ Nick Alm, They/Them, Founder and Godx


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