Assessing the State of DEI Initiatives at Your Organization

If your organization is struggling with any of these issues in its diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, Mossier’s consulting services can serve as a viable solution.


DEI & ERG leads burnout? Orgs shifted focus? We revitalize diversity & inclusion sustainably.

🤝 Perception Gaps

Leaders may think the culture is LGBTQ-inclusive, but studies show 20-40% fewer of employees actually feel included. We bridge the gap.

📅Falling Behind

Is your organization’s culture, language, and best practices up to date? Our strategies evolve with the DEI and LGBTQ movement and culture.


Diverse groups competing for resources and attention? Co-create an intersectional and interdependent strategy with us.

Empowering Change with Mossier’s DEI Solutions

Mossier has four key areas to support your organizations growth and change: People & Culture, Recruiting, Self-Identification and Employee Resource Groups & DEI Councils.

People & Culture

We review policy, training, and accountability in an intersectional and LGBTQ inclusive lens.


We connect Queer equity to every step of your candidate experience (with measurable goals of course).


We focus on legal, safe, and culturally appropriate ways to implement an ethical Self ID program.

Employee Resource Groups and DEI Councils

We strategize tactics to produce pride in all of your ERGs.

Your Next Steps in DEI with Mossier

Hey, while you might be just one person at your organization, you have power. Collaborating with Mossier could be exactly what your organization needs to initiate its journey towards becoming an inclusive and safe environment for all employees.

Whether you hold a role as an HR Director, HR Manager, recruiter, executive, or board member, you have the ability to kick start conversations about DEI, and with Mossier by your side, you won’t be navigating this path alone.

Discover more about Mossier’s comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies, gain insights into the current state of DEI, and explore what sets our approach apart from the rest.


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Case Study Time


General Mills was looking to take their LGBTQ inclusion efforts to the next level. There was just one problem.

They had no information about their current LGBTQ workforce because employees could not self-identify as LGBTQ in their Workday system.



Mossier advised the chair of General Mills’ LGBTQ ERG and their DEI leadership on a pitch to senior leadership asking for a Self-ID program, including advice on how to structure and word their questions.

In 2022, General Mills started receiving their first responses and is charting a path forward so that insights on LGBTQ recruitment, retention and other key analytics can drive greater DEI results.