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There will be times where we need to accelerate growth in a certain area, and a Mossier facilitator helps your organization hone its DEI mojo. Applying the 4W findings to understand your LGBTQ diversity and inclusion baseline, we listen to understand what’s up at your org, ideate about your dreams, and collaborate on a roadmap to make it gel.

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Consulting is an all-encompassing engagement, an accelerant to your Queer competency.

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We love engaging all levels of staff to take on a challenge together. It is the kind of peer-to-peer growth that lasts.

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Taking time to develop strategies and implementation for specific customers or industries is good business.

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When it comes to consulting, we consider a couple of pretty important things. First, finding out what we’re working with gets us a clear starting point, and second, collaborating to figure out the best way to accelerate lasting culture change for your organization. Whenever you’re learning something new, consistency and practice are important. So a commitment is cool and all, but there’s much more to get you to your goals.

As we work to ensure you’re working towards creating space that celebrates identities, cultures, and genders, you will probably recognize a pattern with all of this stuff; we’re talking a lot about policies and governance around Queer-compliant workspaces. This is how we’re laying the groundwork for what topics are necessary for workshops, strategy sessions, and other consulting time with your organization in order to first develop the basics and then expand upon them at the right pace. 

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We put together an overview of all our consulting offerings into one downloadable deck. It’s all here – what we do, how we do it, and what it will cost. Basically what’s on this web page in a downloadable, shareable package. So download it, share it, and let’s talk.

+ Nick Alm (they/them), Mossier’s Founder and Godx

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Designing an inclusive workspace is everyone’s work, not just the DEI and human resources peeps. Mossier’s membership platform is open to everyone at your org, and we offer individual memberships, too. All unlock access to meetups, online learning, and a discounted rates for consulting.

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The 4W is the foundation of the member experience. Organizations complete a digital assessment that collects information around LGBTQ-inclusive policies, which we use to understand what to consider as we map a plan. The info we gather creates a collective understanding of all Mossier members and allows us to have learning cohorts and experiences that reinforce individual and cooperative learning.

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Changing the world can be lonely work. We need you, you need us. Let’s work together!

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Our blog is jam packed with helpful info about language, LGBTQ news, and ways to stay engaged.