Mossier’s Individual Membership has it all.

Everyone LGBTQ should feel celebrated when choosing to be out at work. We’ve designed a way of growing your bad-ass inclusive self that centers on practical and tactical methods that will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone. Get access to a supportive community and the tangible tools to help you turn advocacy into action.

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Grow Your Community

Attend meet-ups and connect with hundreds of leaders working to enable employment equity for everyone LGBTQ

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Gain Advocacy Tools

Practical and tactical tips and tricks to help you move your workplace forward

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Build Queer Cred

Expand your knowledge base and expose yourself to new ideas and emerging best practices

What’s it all about?

LGBTQ advocates and allies who want to put the work in “do the work”. These people are already fully “bought in” on DEI work. They have the intention to act, the resources to leverage, and the will to combine the two into effective action. What they need is well-informed advisory and thoughtful guidance to solve the right problems, and strategies to ensure their intentions result in the outcomes they want.

Save over 15% on your membership with annual billing! Memberships renew automatically until cancelled.

Your Individual Member Benefits

  • Access to all Mossier meet-ups focused on the newest best practices in LGBTQ inclusion
  • Learning Modules and Workbooks on Trans and Nonbinary Inclusion, Self-ID, Employee Resource Groups, Culture and Recruiting
  • Curated emails with proven advocacy tips and tricks to help bring your LGBTQ movement to the next level
  • Discussion Forums and Groups. Are you troubleshooting an issue? Want to benchmark with other employers? Start a discussion thread today and get real time support from the Mossier family.


Investigating topics, learning something new, meeting new peeps; lots of magic happens at a Mossier meetup! Members have access to anything from ongoing programming, networking events, small group and cohort learning, online streaming, and job events.

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Queer cred

We are all about creating space to discover the rich nuances of non-binary thinking. Queer Cred shows your non-linear development for meaningful and positive engagement with those with different cultural backgrounds and identities.

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Not happy at your current job?

Find a new one! Our Job Seeker memberships offer free access to job boards that list current openings from Mossier’s current organizational members. No better way to be sure that the culture of your new workplace is welcoming and supportive!