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Are you Proud to Vote?

GOTV Mossier Graphic

Who’s tired right now?

Running an organization during the most tumultuous economic disruption in America’s history, at the same time coping with the grief of my pre-pandemic life, asking myself how to amplify my racial and social justice work, and all of this while also needing to find quiet moments to simply enjoy life: Like you, my limits are being tested. 

Earlier this year, we revised our Mission & Vision statements, and the urgency around racial and queer intersectionality was also tested. There is so much happening at this moment, and now is the moment where we rise in ways we never thought possible. Mossier’s all about coalitions, those that unite major employers and their leadership to create systemic changes in the ways that ensure that LGBTQ people thrive at work and in society. 

At this moment, I need you to be bold.
Bold is how we reinvigorate our energy. 

Employment equity is our jam, it’s why Proud to Work exists. Jobs and fair workspaces for everyone LGBTQ, it’s what Mossier stands for and works with businesses of all shapes and sizes to create. And Proud to Vote is how we get out the coalition to make sure that our democracy supports this work. 

This isn’t about one candidate over another, and instead, it’s simply about making sure that every one of us is using our privilege to ensure LGTBQ people have the rights we deserve. It’s about our ERG’s training people how to be a poll volunteer, and how to help people see issues such as voter rights, human rights, and inclusive workspaces as clearly as possible. 

This moment we’re in right now? It’s the one you’ll tell your grandkids about one day. We’re not going to sleep in on this one, and you aren’t either. My energy, at this very moment, is boundless. We’re going to participate in democracy, and we’re going to GOTV at work, and you’re coming with us. 


We need you to sign up.

We’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you, in fact. I’m not saying this is going to be easy – anything that is worth doing never is. You’ll be making a commitment to: 

  • Give employees time off so they can vote
  • Support employee resources groups with language & ways to advocate for GOTV
  • Message to their customers about GOTV such as closing stores early, shifting social media communications, and sending a REALLY big message that you’re taking this seriously 
  • Encourage employees to become poll-workers, volunteers, and so much more
  • If you’re already signed a commitment to helping your staff GOTV, please add your name to our coalition of businesses. The more we show the strength of the business community in Minnesota (and beyond), the better.


Reach deep. Do as much as you can. And please, sign up here


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