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We’re hiring!

The Mossier fam is growing! We’re looking for the right match for the contract positions below below.

Sales Manager
Mossier’s Sales Manager builds long term relationships with organizations and individuals who are looking to expand their commitment to employment equity for everyone LGBTQ. Mossier sells annual memberships for organizations and individuals, a suite of training and workshops, specialized consulting services and an organizational assessment. At present, for-profit, nonprofit and government organizations with 1000-5000 employees are our core customers. These organizations tend to have an established (or newer) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) program and they are coming to Mossier for support in building out their LGBTQ initiatives and goals. Click here to read more.

Curriculum Designer *CLOSED*
Mossier’s Curriculum Designer is responsible for developing learning workbooks (courses), instructional strategies and additional learning assets spanning Mossier’s core growth areas: Trans and Nonbinary Inclusion, Employee Resource Groups, Recruiting, Self-Identification and Culture. They will work with the CEO to define core goals + outcomes and measurement strategies.

Facilitator *CLOSED*
Mossier Facilitators deliver content to our members through assessments, trainings, meetups, and 1:1 coaching. They merge individual goals, data, and big ideas in order to develop strategies that help members create a tactical and practical roadmap to design Queer-inclusive workspaces.

Getting started

To apply, please email [email protected] with the following info: 

  • In an attached document, share a few sentences that let us know a bit about your skills and what you would bring to our organization.
  • Include your resume as a PDF document.
  • Share links to your LinkedIn and any other social media, portfolio, website, writing examples, and anything else you are comfortable sharing with us. 

About the process

We believe in a respectful and transparent hiring process. Some of the specifics include: 

  • We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. We are extending this position to the Mossier network through current employee outreach, posting on the Mossier jobs platform, social media, and local job sites. 
  • We will review applications and start meeting people in January. We will contact every applicant.
  • Our goal is to have final interviews and be ready to make an offer by the beginning of February 2023. Because this is such an important role for our organization, we realize it could take longer.

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