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In the U.S., nearly 50% of LGBTQ people are not out at work. We’re not saying you have to be out, but we do question why this number is what it is.

Everyone LGBTQ should feel celebrated when choosing to be out at work, and organizations need to have comprehensive policies for LGBTQ people. We’ve designed a way of growing your bad-ass inclusive self that centers on practical and tactical methods balanced with inspiring you to get out of your comfort zone. Our members include organizations of all sizes and types, and each develop a toolkit that works to the goal that everyone LGTBQ has absolute employment equity. Scroll on, friends, and see what we’re up to. 

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Nearly half of Queer people in the U.S. aren’t out at work.

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32% of businesses have made a public commitment to everyone LGBTQ. Why isn’t this number 100%?

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Unemployment rates among Trans people are three times higher than the general population.

Mossier’s Approach

Our programming is an additive to your current diversity and inclusion efforts, weaving intersections of Queer—race, gender, cultural background, identity—into rethinking how people show up at work. Our ecosystem helps people plug into ways to grow and learn with resources available online and off. 


Designing an inclusive workspace is everyone’s work, not just the DEI and human resources peeps. Mossier’s membership platform is open to everyone at your org. Individual memberships are also an option for small businesses, and all unlock access to meetups, online learning, and adjusted pricing for consulting services.

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What We’re Workin’ With

The 4W is the foundation of the member experience. Organizations complete a digital assessment that collects information around LGBTQ-inclusive policies and procedures, which helps us cater content that meets you where you are. The 4W helps Mossier identify learning cohorts and experiences that reinforce individual and cooperative learning between our members.

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There will be times where we need to accelerate growth in a certain area, and a Mossier facilitator helps your organization hone its DEI mojo. Applying the 4W findings to understand your LGBTQ diversity and inclusion baseline, we listen to understand what’s up at your org, ideate about your dreams, and collaborate on a roadmap to make it gel.

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Investigating topics, learning something new, meeting new peeps; lots of magic happens at a Mossier meetup! Members have access to anything from ongoing programming, networking events, small group and cohort learning, online streaming, and job events.

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Queer cred

We all about creating space to discover the rich nuances of non-binary thinking. Queer Cred shows your non-linear development for meaningful and positive engagement with those with different cultural backgrounds and identities.

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The majority of Queer people are not out in the hiring process. We’ve designed multiple solutions to help your organization connect with queer talent, engage with them authentically and ensure your organization’s Queer inclusion story is heard.

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