Mossier can transform your job search

Think of us as your professional fairy godmother. We may not find your glass slipper, but we can connect you with the perfect job. Our commitment? Linking LGBTQ+ leaders with LGBTQ-friendly companies.

When you job search with Mossier we unlock doors to incredible job opportunities. Say goodbye to sending applications into the void. We boast an extensive network of recruiters, hiring managers, and Queer leaders ready to support your job search.

Who Can Be a Mossier Job Seeker? If you are LGBTQ and are interested in a job, you can utilize Mossier job searching services.

It doesn’t matter your industry, experience level, or identity. Whether you’re already employed but seeking a change or actively job hunting, our career coaching and services can be tailored to you.

What Are the Perks?

💼  Access to Our LGBTQ Job Board: Featuring thousands of LGBTQ jobs from reputable member companies, spanning various industries and experience levels.

🤝  Level Up at Our Job Seeker Online Meetups: Learn from panelists, connect with recruiters, and gain insights into LGBTQ careers.

📚  Explore Our LGBTQ Job Blog: Discover valuable LGBTQ job search tips, tricks, and hacks. We’re in touch with LGBTQ-friendly companies and know what they’re looking for.

📁 Upload Your Resume: Increase visibility to LGBTQ recruiters by uploading your resume to our LGBTQ job database. No need to copy and paste; we’ll take care of it.

📧 Regular Email Updates: Stay informed with email updates reminding you of all the above. We know it gets hectic, so let us keep you in the loop.

🗣️ Career Coaching Waitlist: Showcase your potential with direct conversations. No AI resume filters. Get personalized LGBTQ employment support.

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Level Up Your Job Search With Mossier