Mossier’s Queer Book List

We’ve handpicked stories that have moved us over the years and showcase the diversity of queer experiences and authors. Sharing stories is a way of building new cultures, preserving the past, and countering anti-LGBTQ propaganda. We can expand our minds in the solitude of reading, slowly learning how to become more inclusive people.

Sit down, pause for a bit and try reading one of these amazing books. 

The Third Person by Emma Groove

A memoir. A comic. A heart wrenching story. Set primarily in Emma’s therapist’s office, follow their journey in accepting their Trans identity. She also discovers that she has DID, dissociative identity disorder. 

Dead Collections by Isaac Fellman 

Boy meets girl. Boy is a vampire. And Trans. Sol is an archivist who meets Elsie, the widow of a famous TV writer who’s come to donate her wife’s paper. Queue the romance!

Heartstoppers by Alice Oseman 

Yes, this one has a netflix adaptation! The Netflix show is based on the graphic novels by Alice Oseman. Follow this heartwarming teen coming of age story.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf (The Dark Star Trilogy) by Marlon James 

Coined the African Game of Thrones, this epic fantasy adventure is where myth and history comes together. Follow the story of what happens when a mercenary is charged with finding a missing child.  Marlon James is a Minnesota based queer author who has drawn national acclaim for his various novels.

Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata

Keiko doesn’t fit in, but she is the perfect convenience store woman. She’s constantly confronted with the reality that she isn’t normal, especially since she’s 36 and has no interest in marriage or relationships. A quick read that will stay with you. 

The Secret to Superhuman Strength  by Alison Bechdel 

Yes, that Bechdel. A memoir and a graphic novel follow Alison’s life and relationship with superhuman strength, identity, love and happiness. Oh, and it passes the Bechdel test.

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