Twin Cities Pride Guide | Events, Speakers, Facilitators, Artist and Nonprofits

PRIDE 2024 is fast approaching and it’s time to think about programming for your company. It’s great to bring in outside voices and perspectives during PRIDE, because it takes the burden of education off of your LGBTQ+ employees. Plus, you may just experience something new.

Here at Mossier we love disruptors, agitators, and divas who will shake things up. We keep a lookout for great speakers, artists, performers and curators in the Twin Cities queer community. This list will not be a one that will serenade you in compliments. These are real people – with real truth to spread.

Let this list be a guide. All too often the burden of gathering this information is on the disenfranchised already weathered by constant attacks. Curating lists like this take time, so we give this time back to you for PRIDE. We hope this list finds you well. Enjoy. 


Mossier | Nick Alm
Shameless plug we know, but you know we had too. Come to some Mossier events during Pride month there will be a bunch! Want something more personalized to your company like a workshop, panel, or event? No problem, schedule a time to chat with Nick to brainstorm innovative DEI opportunities for PRIDE.

Malissa Stanton Adams
Malissa believes we have the power to change ourselves, our families, our communities, our work, and our macro-environment. But first, we must change our hearts and minds. We guarantee that if you spend a little time with Malissa, you will see the world around you differently.

Cecilia Stanton Adams
Cecilia is a visionary. With 15 years of experience in diversity positions, she’s contributed to developing programs and services that increase representation of diverse ideas, people, and ways of working.

Ellie Krug 
Ellie Krug is a Trans lawyer who transitioned at the age of 52. She has worked to promote inclusivity and diversity, speaking to various organizations and writing a memoir about her experiences. Krug founded an inclusion-oriented consulting and training company and has received numerous awards for her advocacy work, including a Stonewall Award from the American Bar Association Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. She was elected to the Eastern Carver County School Board in November 2022.

Sebastian Dziuk
Sebastian is a queer life coach who helps individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. With a background in marketing and project management, he has experience working with people from diverse backgrounds. Sebastian believes in the importance of mental health and self-care and provides support to his clients through coaching and mentorship. He is committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for his clients to explore their identities and navigate life transitions.

Vanessa Sheridan 
Vanessa Sheridan is a transgender advocate, public speaker, and author who has been working on LGBTQ+ issues for over 30 years. She is a sought-after speaker who has delivered keynotes and workshops to numerous organizations, and has written several books on transgender issues.

Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition | Rox Anderson
A pillar of the Minnesota LGBTQ+ community, Rox is everything, everywhere all at once. They’re extremely knowledgeable about the intersections of race and queerness with special attention to Minnesota culture. They’re a true force. Contact information


Multimedia | Baki Z Porter
An extraordinary Black, indigenous, queer, trans artist for sure. Baki holds zine marathons to raise funds for the queer community in Minnesota. Additionally they create altars for spaces such as Black Table Arts. Not stopping there, they have connections with performing artists and visual artists alike, they are the crossroads of the queer Minnesotan artist and activist. They helped curate this list through their web of connections. Thanks Baki!

Boo McCaleb, also known as Booscapes, is a video artist, Public Art Consultant, and experiential designer. Leading with intuitive spiritual practice, love, and kindness they believe in networks of mutuality, sensory experiences, and creative technology to create pathways of engagement for holistic wellness and community.

Multimedia | Free Black Dirt
An artistic partnership formed by Minneapolis-based collaborators Junauda Petrus and Erin Sharkey. Committed to creating original theater and performance, hosting innovative events, organizing local artists, and promoting and supporting the emerging artists’ community in the Twin Cities, Free Black Dirt seeks to spark and engage in critical conversations. Contact them!

Comic Creating, Printing & Publishing | HawwaBe Comics
Hawwa Youngmark (they/she) is learning how to heal and grow on sketch at a time. Check out their pop-up store this Pride!  

DJ | Ariesfirebomb
Father of @hausoffirebomb. An overall talent and joy to see contact them for your next event! Contact via [email protected].

Alternative and horror inspired drag | Our Lair 
Looking for some spooky drag? Look no further. This is for the club kids, the drag enthusiasts, improv and nightlife performers.

Femme Hip Hop Dance Crew | New Black City 
Get those bodies moving, this group of dynamic performers do live shows, dance classes and visuals. To book them email [email protected]

Creative Collective | Vogue Down Minneapolis
Containing a collection of some of the most visionary artists in the Twin Cities check out this collective and stay tuned for their jaw dropping awe inspiring performances.

Curator | @weird_stuffonly
A Time Based Carnival based in Minneapolis! Lots of art. It’s about to get weird.


Twin Cities Pride
Organizes the annual Pride Festival and other LGBTQ events throughout the year.

Hidden MN
Increasingly, young people are moving to Instagram to get information about events. Learn about what’s happening in the Twin Cities here!

LGBTQ Non-Profits to Support during PRIDE 2023

Nonprofits have amazing programming year round and some even have opportunities to parter with organizations for fundraising events. Take your PRIDE activism to the next level with some of these brilliant nonprofits.

Health & Housing 

  1. The Aliveness Project: Provides meals, services, and support to individuals living with HIV.
  2. Clare Housing: Provides affordable housing and support services to people living with HIV.
  3. Rainbow Health Initiative: Works to improve the health of LGBTQ communities in Minnesota.
  4. Red Door Clinic: A program of Hennepin County Public Health that provides free and confidential sexual health services, including HIV and STI testing, treatment, and prevention, to LGBTQ and other marginalized communities.
  5. Family Tree Clinic: A nonprofit healthcare provider that offers a wide range of reproductive and sexual healthcare services, including LGBTQ-inclusive care, education, and advocacy.
  6. The Oshun Center: Holistic healthcare clinic that provides a range of integrative healthcare services to the community, including acupuncture, massage therapy, nutrition counseling, and more. While it doesn’t focus specifically on LGBTQ issues, it does provide a welcoming and inclusive space for all patients, including members of the LGBTQ community.
  7. University of Minnesota Gender and Sexuality Clinic: A healthcare provider that offers comprehensive services to transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, including hormone therapy, surgery referrals, and mental health support. They also offer training and education to healthcare providers to improve the care of LGBTQ patients.


  1. Quatrefoil Library: A LGBTQ-focused lending library and archive with a collection of over 30,000 items.
  2. Public Functionary: Public Functionary is a multi-space exhibition, performance, studio, and community cultural hub located in Northeast Minneapolis.
  3. Telling Queer History: Storytelling gathering that connect LGBTQ+ folk across generations & identities


  1. OutFront Minnesota: Advocates for LGBTQ rights and provides education, support, and resources for the community.
  2. Gender Justice: A nonprofit legal and policy advocacy organization that works to advance gender equity, justice, and inclusion for all, including the LGBTQ community. They focus on issues such as reproductive rights, workplace fairness, and LGBTQ rights.


  1. Reclaim: Provides mental health support and resources for LGBTQ youth.
  2. Queerspace Collective: Provides mentorship for Queer youth and advocates for queer inclusion

Community Building

  1. Our Space: A 501c3 initiative that is working on standing up Minnesota’s first LGBTQ Community Center

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