LGBTQ+ & Looking for a Job? Mossier Can Help!

What is Mossier?

Think, professional fairy godmother. We can’t find a royal suitor but we can connect you with a right-sized job. (Sorry no slippers).

In all seriousness, Mossier is committed to connecting LGBTQ leaders and future leaders with LGBTQ friendly companies. So, how do we make that happen? 

Our job board has 5000+ jobs posted including hourly gigs that require no degree, remote jobs and full-time salaried gigs.

Our partner companies are actively refining their comprehensive nondiscrimination policies, LGBTQ inclusive benefits and healthcare access. We continually work with our partners to improve their culture of LGBTQ inclusion.

Our growing network can connect you with LGBTQ employees so you can get the lowdown on what it’s really like at their organization.

What’s a Mossier job seeker?

Mossier job seekers are folks who are: 

  1. Queer
  2. Looking for a job 

Doesn’t matter the industry, experience, level, or identity. If you are looking for work and identify as LGBTQ+ then you’re already a Mossier job seeker. You just didn’t know it yet. (And you haven’t signed up yet)

How do you become a Mossier job seeker?

  1. Submit a Resume to our Database 
  2. Sign up for email updates It’ll take 2 mins. (Promise)
  3. Start accessing your perks immediately! 

What are the perks?

By becoming a Mossier job seeker, you’ll grow your network in a safe space without stress and increase your chances of finding a job. No more sending applications into the void. Here’s some of our perks: 

  1. Book 1:1 meet-ups with recruiters to showcase your potential. Speak directly to them, no AI resume filters.

  2. Free Career Coaching with our Queer Career Coach. Get on the waitlist today!

  3. Access our job board featuring thousands of jobs, across countless industries and experience levels from reputable member companies.

  4. Level up at our job seeker online meetups learn from panelists and meet recruiters.

  5. Explore our blog for valuable tips, tricks and hacks on job searching. We chat with companies all the time so we know what they’re looking for.

  6. Upload your resume to our database, increasing your visibility to recruiters. Hey, what’s one more resume upload? We promise you won’t make you copy and paste your resume.

  7. Receive regular email updates reminding you of all the above. We know it gets hectic, let us remind you that we’re here. 

Wait what’s a career coach?

Are you looking to level up your career game? Teaming up with a career coach can be your ultimate power-up! A career coach is like the cheat code you’ve been missing! Embrace an amazing Queer Career that’s way beyond just ‘meh’! If work has been giving you the side-eye, it’s time for a glow-up, and we’ve got your back. Working with a career coach can be a game-changer! If you’ve been thinking to yourself that something is off at work and that you deserve more, then we are here to help. Here’s why:

  • Insider access to hidden job opportunities
  • Personalized job matching based on your skills and goals
  • Valuable guidance and support throughout the job search
  • Streamlined application processes
  • Advocacy and negotiation on your behalf
  • Oh, and did we mention it? It’s all on the house!

Already a Mossier Job Seeker?

Use this page as a quick guide to your Mossier job seeker benefits.

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