LGBTQ+ & Looking for a Job? Mossier Can Help!

What is Mossier?

Think. Professional fairy godmother. We can’t find your glass slipper, but we can connect you with a right-sized job.

But seriously, we’re committed to connecting current and future LGBTQ leaders with LGBTQ friendly companies.

Who can be a Mossier job seeker?

Mossier job seekers are folks who are: 

  1. LGBTQ+
  2. Looking for a job 

Doesn’t matter the industry, experience, level, or identity. Doesn’t matter if you already have a job, and you want a different one, we can help too. If you are looking for work and identify as LGBTQ+ then you’re already a Mossier job seeker. You just may not know it yet.

What are the perks?

(Current Mossier Members, have you used all your perks?)
  1. Access our job board featuring thousands of jobs, across countless industries and experience levels from reputable member companies.
  2. Level up at our job seeker online meetups by learning from panelist and meet recruiters.
  3. Exploring our blog for valuable tips, tricks and hacks on job searching. We chat with companies all the time so we know what they’re looking for. 
  4. Uploading your resume to our database, increasing your visibility to recruiters. Hey, what’s one more resume upload? We promise you won’t make you copy and paste your resume. 
  5. Regular email updates reminding you of all the above. We know it get’s hectic let us remind you that we’re here. 
  6. Booking 1:1 meet-ups with recruiters to showcase your potential. Speak directly to them, no AI resume filters. 

Sidebar: What’s a recruiter?

When looking for a job, working with a recruiter can be a game-changer, and the best part is that recruiters help you for free! Recruiters have:

  • Insider access to hidden job opportunities
  • Personalized job matching based on your skills and goals
  • Valuable support throughout the job search
  • Streamlined application process with applications submitted on your behalf
  • Advocacy and negotiation on your behalf

Mossier connects you with passionate recruiters!

Mossier jobs seekers get one more thing:

Being a Mossier job seeker means opening doors to incredible job opportunities. Say goodbye to sending applications into the void. We have an extensive network of recruiters, hiring managers, and Queer leaders who are eager to support you in finding a job.

Already a Mossier Job Seeker?

Use this page as a quick guide to your Mossier job seeker benefits.

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We’re Hiring: Queer Career Coach

Mossier’s Queer Career Coach is the main point of contact for our Queer job seeker community. This person is responsible for growing and maintaining long-term relationships with job seekers, providing support and assistance at key points of the job seeker journey, and connecting our employer partners with a new network of talented people. We created this role in order to help Queer people navigate and overcome inequities in hiring and to help them think bigger about their personal and professional life goals.