Mossier FAQ: Vocabulary, Lingo and Corporate Jargon

Like any community, here at Mossier we have our own lingo. We think of it as a mixture of queer & gender studies terms, queer lingo, corporate acronyms with our own flavor.


DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion): Promoting fair treatment of all people within organizations particularly groups that are historically underrepresented or subject to discrimination. This can include but is not limited to economic status, nationality, ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality or disability, 

ERG (Employee Resource Groups): Volunteer-led employee teams that strategize to meet the needs of workers who share identities or interests that are formally recognized by the organization. Other terms can be affinity groups, business resource groups, identity groups, business networking groups, etc. 

Mossier Benefits & Programming

4Ws (What We’re Working With): Mossier’s 4W assessment looks at where your organizations is and where it can grow. Mossier will advise you on updates to your policies and procedures. This is included in the organizational membership package, learn more here.

Job Seeker: Person who is looking for a job. Maybe you’re unemployed, underemployed, quiet-quitting, or just casually looking for another job. In Mossier’s eyes all of those situations are “Job Seekers”.

Member: Mossier members have either individual or are part of an organizational membership. 

Member Organization: Member organizations have committed to fostering healthy workplace culture and attracting LGBTQ+ talent and they’re featured on the Mossier job board. 

Job Board: Our job board is constantly up to date with member organizations job postings. Must apply to be a Mossier job seeker to view the job board! No worries, it’s FREE.  Need some help? We’ll help match you with a job and help with your application or apply to our Job Seeker Fellowship.

Monthly Meet-Ups: Monthly workshops with Mossier members, member organizations, and guests that cover ERGs, Self Identification, Trans & Non-Binary Inclusion, Recruitment and much more. To keep up with our meet-ups visit our events page.

Public Trainings: Similar to meet-ups, a public training is often a series of workshops that tackle one of Mosiser’s key areas. 

Concepts / Terms 

Professional Development: Advancing skills that contribute to your success in the workplace. Oftentimes companies will have professional development budgets for employees and ERGs, consider getting a  Mossier membership and adding into your professional development toolkit at your company.

Performative Allyship: When a person of entity acclaims their solidarity with a certain identity or equity project without an actual commitment to working towards equity. It focuses on the look, or performance, or being an ally over actual policy changes. 

Corporate Pride: A type of performative allyship where corporations slap pride flags during June, only to take them away the rest of the year and ignore the needs of LGBTQ people in their company and community.

Pinkwashing: Originally coined in 2002 to critique companies who on the one hand sold pink breast cancer awareness products but on the other created carcinogenic products. Now it is used to refer to the appropriation of LGBTQ+ movements to promote a corporate or political agenda.

Pridewashing: Another term for pinkwashing.

Self Identification: Sometimes shortened to “Self ID” is when an employee discloses their identity to an employer which can include race, ethnicity, LGBTQ, veteran or disability status. 

Disclosure: The action of revealing that one is Trans. Also the title of an amazing film about Hollywood depiction of Trans people.  

Recruiting:  Overall process of identifying, sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates for jobs. 

If you’d like to know more LGBTQ vocabulary read the blogs linked below! 

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